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Ashlee Trainer

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About Ashlee Trainer

Talk about someone who was born with real estate in their genes. Both of Ashlee Trainer’s parents provided this DNA. Her late father was the owner of a high-end construction company and at the same time her late mother was often ranked amongst the top ten Realtors in Northern Michigan.

Having this “in her blood” has helped Ashlee see and understand in greater detail the many “layers” necessary to properly close contracts smoothly. For the past 12 years she’s been a great team player as well as a leader. As a former soccer athlete and coach, Ashlee’s not afraid of getting deep in the trenches and fighting with whatever it takes to win for her team.

As a Traverse City native, Ashlee thoroughly knows the “lay of the land” and her growing community’s needs inside and out. She always says that the greatest compliment she receives are her repeat customers and her former client’s referrals.

In real estate; communication, honesty and transparency are key for any transaction to be completed properly. Her focus on the clients’ needs and her drive to provide, find and/or create this package runs first for Ashlee. Nobody can outmatch her enthusiasm and energy!

Ashlee Trainer
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